Abigail Preston


You do not meet people like Abigail Preston every day.

A dedicated single mother to her two children, Nikki (15) and her son Jacob (10) who is also a businesswoman, she is passionate about real estate and taking care of herself.

She came to the U.S. from Mexico when she was just 20 years old, facing all the challenges that come with that, like not being able to speak English.

After making it to the land of opportunity, Abigail had the American dream of owning her own home. Just two weeks later, she ended up living in a small 1-bedroom apartment in a sketchy neighborhood. With the same mindset of owning property that she was raised with  from her family back in Mexico, Abigail then set out on her own in this new country and found herself  in the right place to receive all the knowledge she needed, she left with great understanding to create her “TO DO LIST” which was to:






Fast forward two years later just after Abigail’s twenty second birthday her dream of becoming a homeowner was accomplished.

After closing on her first two bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom condominium in a gated community, she knew then that this was just the beginning of her journey to success in real estate. Since then she has helped many families and young first-time home buyers as well as second home buyers and investment properties. With fifteen years of experience now she has become branch manager of a San Diego branch location where she has built a dedicated strong team. 

As an entrepreneur Abigail has been able to grow in different areas in business

such as the fitness industry by buying into “The Camp” transformation center franchise 

and opening multiple locations, including the first Mexico location (in Mexicali, Baja California) and

establishing “The camp Transformation Centers” as an international franchise. 

Abigail identifies with being a leader and works well alongside thirty team members, 

that together help hundreds of people transform their lives along the way making 

new family members by sharing the same healthy positive productive lifestyle.


In addition to Abigail’s business ventures she has been running a car dealership since 2009. 


She also participates in fitness competitions, winning two first places 

in 2019 through 2020. 


Abigail, like many other mothers, had to learn how to balance her business life with her personal family life. She wakes up at 4 am and works around a business schedule that goes well with her kids’ schedules. Her children are her biggest motivation. They are part of everything that she does since they are always by her side.  Her children know how hard mom works but are also aware that they are still Abigail’s priority.


“2020 has been challenging for me as everyone else. it has impacted my gym businesses tremendously especially the ones in Mexico by closing their doors. The toughest was to let go of such an amazing team that was part of The Camp Family for 4 years in our brand-new location that just opened doors in February of 2020. Regardless of all the loss I am so grateful that we are all healthy and with our loved ones.  I have learned to appreciate even more everything that I have and to not take anything for granted. In times like this you see who your real friends are, and you also learn from them. This is just part of the learning that makes us better human beings and remains us what life is

about. My circle might have gotten smaller, but it is ok because it is with the right people

and my family got closer and stronger.  Now I have plans for tomorrow, but I am 

definitely living today to the fullest.” 


Remember to follow this amazing woman as she has exciting projects coming up that will bring a lot of people together making a stronger community that will inspire others to accomplish their dreams. 

She is optimistic that gyms will come back stronger and better.

This working mom that never stops is building a legacy based on integrity, loyalty, and values. New challenges never scare her, her positive attitude and kind personality will take this fitness crazed lady wherever she wants to go. 


Abigail Preston


Phone: 760-259-3379

Instagram: @abigirlpreston

Facebook Page: Abigail Preston, San Diego

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