CulichiTown Grand Opening

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Grand Opening de Culichitown en Chula Vista .La calle Tercera, en el corazón de Chula Vista, CA . Abrió sus puertas el famoso y reconocido restaurante de emme group  con Chef Misael al frente , siendo el CEO del grupo. Una noche llena de música, fiesta y deliciosos platillos , donde famosos se dieron la oportunidad de visitar y felicitar al Chef por este nuevo logro.

La Mayor  de Chula Vista Mary Salas y  la Council Member Jill Gàlvez fueron las encargadas de cortar el listón rojo.

CULICHITOWN restaurant is dedicated to the typical dishes of the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico; place that is distinguished by its wide gastronomy being seafood the basic ingredient in the preparation of the products that are in the state consumed.

At CULICHITOWN we have prepared personnel that were trained to prepare dishes that originate from Culiacán, We also use traditional ingredients from the state of Sinaloa with the purpose of having a 100 percent “culichi” taste.”

-Culititowns Website.

Find out more about Culichitown Here!

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