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El Paisa Michelada

There is a gem hidden in the middle of Barrio Logan here in our very own San Diego community. I am talking about “El Paisa Fresh Mexican Grill”, a restaurant bar that specializes in Mexican cuisine and authentic Mexican delicacies. 

El Paisa, short for Paisano (which means ‘of the same country’) offers us real Mexican dishes from all over Mexico. 

A family owned business that makes you feel welcomed as soon as you step into its lobby. It is a cheerful place known for its music and fiesta on the weekends, the practicality of having a drive-thru for when you are on the run and an amazing bar in the middle of the great room where it seems everyone just gets along. 

The mixology, the variety of beers and the freshness of its salsas are just some of the treats this place offers. 

Gente Bonita Magazine has had the privilege of sampling some of the tacos, tortas (just a Mexican word for sandwich), albóndigas (meatballs) and caldo de res (beef and vegetable stew). The ‘yummy’ sounds we all were making were non-stop.

As you know, all restaurants have had to make some changes in their operations this 2020 and El Paisa is not an exception. It continues to remodel the establishment to better serve you and all of its clients.

Come by and try any of their dishes, specially their breakfast since they open as early as 8 am.

You might be a pancake and waffle kind of person but let me tell you that having an authentic Mexican breakfast at El Paisa with some Café de Olla (coffee made in a pot with cinnamon and molasses) is an experience that can become a delicious addiction.

Do not take our word for it. Come to El Paisa Fresh Mexican Grill, the authentic Mexican food place right in the middle of the Logan Barrio neighborhood. 

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