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Juan Arroyo, executive Chef of MasterChef México welcomed us to his amazing Carajillo restaurant in Masaryk at Polanco Mexico City.

The combination of elegance and modern spaces surrounding amazing color coordination of tables and chairs are the perfect setting to embrace the experience of dining in chef Arroyo’s restaurant.

Carajillo definition is a mixed drink of espresso and Spanish Liquor 43 (or any other hard liquor that pairs with coffee). 

The name suits the place perfectly. It is trendy, hot, and fun!

Have you ever tried a cocktail dipping your nose in first? Gente Bonita Magazine was given this opportunity of experiencing the magic of mixology when combined with science. Imagine using your nose to burst a bubble filled with aromatic smoke topping a mixed cocktail drink. All your senses are awakened by it.

Staff members waited on us making sure we were comfortable, happy, and eager to try new things from the very complete menu they offer.

Chef Arroyo has an amazing career and legacy in the culinary world. He has been a top chef in major cities and restaurants and is now sharing his talent and masterpieces in this beautiful restaurant, one of three Carajillo in Mexico City (One is at Inter Lomas and the newest one just opened in Colonia Roma).

Chef Arroyo is not stopping there. His plans go way beyond Mexico City and is expanding his Carajillo Restaurant to San Miguel de Allende and Cancun area (opening dates to be announced).

Gente Bonita Magazine hinted that Carajillo would fit right in the San Diego area and Chef Arroyo agreed that nothing is impossible when you have a good plan to make it happen.

Culinary works of art started parading unto our table. Pork patties filled with manchego cheese and topped with chile sauce opened our curiosity for what was to follow.

Roasted cauliflower, salmon carpaccio duo soaked in citrus vinaigrette and the Carajillo Guacamole delighted our palates as we combined flavors and drinks.

Chef Arroyo made sure every single item was perfect (and we noticed it is something he has trained his staff to do). 

Portobello mushroom pizza was next, making our mouth water from simply looking at it. The aroma of basil pesto and truffle oil were exquisite. 

Table was cleared and clean tableware was set. Main dish was coming up and we were ready for it. 

Chef Arroyo sent us a pork shank Huasteco style. A beautiful cut slow roasted in adobo sauce and served on a bed of rice. It is not spicy, yet it is flavorful. 

Every good meal needs a sweet ending and ours was amazing.

4 Elements cake was presented to us. Air, Earth, Fire and Water are mixed and displayed in this magical masterpiece that is not only a surprise to the eye, but the combination of flavors, textures and aromas take you to another level of taste.

Chef Arroyo sat with us as we complimented him on everything he is doing. We sipped our CONEJO CARAJILLO, the espresso drink infused with Spanish Liquor 43 and flavored with Turin chocolate bunny.

Carajillo’s menu is a combination of international dishes with Juan Arroyo’s Mexican signature. There is something here for everyone, whether an Italian pasta or Japanese dish. 

Gente Bonita Magazine got the preview of his newest addition, Carajillo in Colonia Roma. We got to see the ‘behind the scenes’ action before the soft opening in March 2020. 

We made sure to let the Carajillo Family and Chef Juan Arroyo know that we will be back to visit them, in Mexico City and every other place they open. 

Carajillo is not a one-time experience restaurant. Once you go there, you have an urge to visit again, and again. See for yourself. 

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