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Rosarito is slowly but firmly becoming the “it” place to be. Not only for its most beautiful beaches and sunsets but also because of the amazing culinary experiences you can have. Only 25-minute drive south of the border and you come across PRIMO TAPIA, a region of southern Rosarito, passing Puerto Nuevo and its lobster restaurants. Here you will find the newest and trendiest spot to come in Baja: LAZZO DE TINTO.

Lazzo (misspelled on purpose) Lazo means tie. De Tinto means “of red”, making the name of this place a Tie of red (referring to red wine). Why the name? 

That same question was asked to Arturo Alarcón, general manager of Lazzo de Tinto. “Once you open a bottle of red wine, different ties start developing. Friendship ties, love, and business. Each tie takes you to another place”. 

Arturo Alarcón, who is from Mexico (Estado de México), gave us a wonderful tour of the place and its origins. The sunset from the deck where you can dine is just breathtaking. Heaters everywhere for when the weather is cooler makes it a wonderful place to hang out. No wonder it is called The Penthouse of Baja.

Located in the middle of an exclusive residential zone and right next to a hotel, access is safe and secure. 

Lazzo de Tinto was launched in the middle of a pandemic. Everything that had to go right for them to open did. Lazzo was not planned for a long time. It just happened. Baja California was the perfect place for this amazing place to open due to the location, views, and the friendliness of the people. 

Lazzo offers what they call in Spanish HERENCIA CULINARIA DE AUTOR (Signature Culinary Heritage), which is basically cuisine that has been in Mexico for centuries but with a unique touch provided by the head chef of this place, Chef Ricardo Sanchez Chiñas, better known in Rosarito as Chef Richard Chiñas, who is from Mexico City.

Chef Richard wanted to be a chef ever since he was a little boy and is now finally living the dream of working hand in hand with Alarcón on a project so amazing as Lazzo de Tinto. 

When you are at Lazzo de Tinto, you feel you are not in Baja anymore. You feel like if you had traveled to an exotic place where you get to try exquisite dishes and combinations of flavors paired with only the best wines, beers, and spirits, especially those that are from Baja California and its Valle de Guadalupe. 

Sommeliers, Chef Richard, and Arturo Alarcón have worked together to come up with the perfect menu for you to enjoy. The staff of more than 25 employees at your service makes you feel you are royalty every time you go to Lazzo de Tinto.

Do not be shy to ask the head waiter for the chef’s recommendation of the day. You can always just tell them “Surprise me”, and we are sure you will be more than amazed at what they can deliver. 

Arturo Alarcon’s project Lazzo de Tinto is just the beginning. As he said when we asked “This is our baby. It is still in diapers. Once we get it going, we are planning on expanding to other parts of Mexico, and of course we already have eyed having a Lazzo de Tinto in San Diego and if all goes well up in San Francisco.”

Lazzo de Tinto makes the perfect venue for reunions, parties, anniversaries, small weddings. They will work with you and your budget to help you celebrate. 

Alarcón has managed to work with an amazing team. You can feel the good vibe and the unity between them. The way that you are treated as a customer makes you feel special in every way. 

Chef Richard has an amazing talent as a chef. The presentation, the freshness and the flavor all combine to make you happy to be there experiencing gourmet dishes and the best cuisine there is. Chef is always wearing in his chef’s coat a saying he wrote himself “To be successful you will feel pain and suffer before you achieve it. You will lose people that you used to call friends in the process. Your family may not support you in the beginning. You are going to want to quit every day that you are trying. Regardless, it will be worth every step on your way to success” 

Lazzo de Tinto is a place that looks like a work of art. The art on the wall is for sale, which makes this also an art gallery of beautiful pieces. 

Arturo Alarcón is not only in charge of this project but is also helping the community being involved in several altruistic projects. His vision will take Lazzo de Tinto to a place every restaurant wants to be at: The top! 

Lazzo de Tinto is truly the best of the best in Rosarito, Baja California. The Gente Bonita Team cannot wait to go back! 

You stay tuned. Lazzo de Tinto is just getting started. 

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