Rooftop Cinema Club

“San Diego’s iconic Rooftop Cinema Club Embarcadero has reopened at the top of Manchester Grand Hyatt, offering a picturesque outdoor cinema with never-ending views of the city’s downtown skyline. Rooftop Cinema Club is the ultimate open-air cinema experience, and it started as a single rooftop in London’s Shoreditch in 2011. Now, Rooftop Cinema Club has gone global, with two rooftop venues in the UK and nine across the U.S. in cities such as LA, NYC, San Diego, Ft. Worth, Houston, Chicago, and Miami. Each location provides unmatched views of the skyline during afternoon, sunset, and nighttime showings, offering a unique cinematic immersion into the heart of each respective city.

Rooftop Cinema Club was founded by Gerry Cottle, son of the famous circus owner of the same name. With his experience in entertainment with Cirque Du Soleil, Amnesty International, Disney, and Girls Aloud, Cottle paired his passion for film to create the beloved Rooftop brand.

Rooftop Cinema Club Embarcadero offers an eclectic mix of cult classics, recent releases, and popular movies, attracting moviegoers from all over. The cinema is located at the Manchester Grand Hyatt (1 Market Place, San Diego, 92101) on the open-air 4th Floor Sport Terrace of the Harbor Tower, providing breathtaking views of the skyline. Tickets for all Embarcadero screenings are available online at

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